Christmas Time For A Nihilist

christmas time for a nihilist

I hate bright lights, smiling faces and relatives visiting, so as you can tell I’m a fucking gas when it comes to Christmas. I enjoy Christmas movies and songs, what I dont like is the fakeness of it all, its portrayed as  the most happiest time of the year when in fact, its the most miserable. I feel sorry for people with epilepsy, they probably cant even leave the house with all those flashing lights, if a group of epileptics walked through Belfast City Centre its going to end up like a scene from Footloose.


If I have to endure another fucking Cliff Richards Mistletoe and Wine song, I will literally necklace myself. Talking about music, I fucking despise the cultural cancer that is known as X Factor,  if I wanted to see people bomb on stage Id go to a troubles reenactment. You know what I would compare watching the X Factor to ? I read that Friedrich Nietzsche suffered from a nervous breakdown after witnessing a man whipping a horse to death, he never recovered and eventually died, thats what watching the X Factor is like.

John Lewis has a new advertisement out, honestly I really like it, they never disappoint with their Christmas advertisements.This years advertisement shows a lonely man living on the moon by himself, a girl spots him from earth while looking through her telescope. In the end she manages to find away to give him a telescope so they could communicate with each other. It has a great message, we should give  telescopes to strangers so they can look into our rooms at night while we sleep, I have theory on why the man is on the moon, he was put there by the government, why ? Didnt wear his poppy when he was told to… watch out James McClean !

Talking about the poppy, David Cameron was caught photoshopping one on his twitter profile picture, hey Davey I can play that game too !

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I have a hate love relationship with the cold weather, there is nothing in this world I love more than a nice warm bed on a cold winters night, but when you have to get up at 6am its not very fucking pleasant. I have claw hand which makes it hard to write, among other things…

giphy (3)

So aye I dont like christmas, but thats just me…

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