Who will be Northern Ireland’s next first minister ?

There has been some speculation as to who will be the next DUP first minister, Peter Robinson is set to go, did he do much ? No, he used our country like a piece of toilet paper that he wiped his hole with and threw away. The poor is still poor, the religious bigots are still hateful and Debbie Wilkinson is still not funny. So I have decided to come up with a list of people that would be perfect for the job.

1.Lord Humungus


He would be perfect, he is used to living in a wasteland and he looks like he is about to go on a night out with the village people. TOP DUP MATERIAL !

2.The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Kids, just stay off the streets if ya know whats good for ya

3.Jar Jar Binks


Hates Muslims, supporter of Israel, what else is there to say ?

4.Any bad guy from Scooby Doo


If scooby doo taught us anything, all scooby doo bad guys have potential to become the leader of the DUP.

5.Donald Trump


He would build a wall around the border, yees would love that wouldnt yees

6.Ooze from the mighty morphin power rangers


He looks like stacks of craic

7.Doctor Claw


Ian Paisley was a sinister edgy doctor, why not have another.

8.That guy that got his bake melted clean off him

200 (1)

Died for his country, give this guy a medal and make him the next leader.

9.The Batman and Robin Movie


One of the best Batman movies eve made, former RUC officer, make him leader !

10.Michael Bay

michael bays

Director of the bombing campaign during the troubles, it only makes sense to get him to run the country

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