Two Lads Doing It For The Craic Like

“Here mate remember that shower of shite back in 2007 that absolutely wrecked our country, what’s was their name again? Aye that’s right fianna fail ”
“Aye what about them ?”
” i just voted for them, only for the craic like”
“Hahaha yer a mad cunt like”
“Aye fucking best Craic, like”michec3a1l_martin
” Might do that as well, but only for the Craic like”
“The Craic is fucking 90 with us like yeeeooo”
Barry enters the room:
” Here lads don’t be at that, they could actually end up winning”
” Fuck up Barry, you are zero Craic like”
” Yea Barry, you are like 5 in a half on the Craic scale”
Barry leaves the room:
” So here anyway mate stick on The Lad Bible on Facebook they are funny as fuck like”
” I fucking love the lad bible, great Craic”
Vote Fianna Fail, Do It For the Craic Like

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One Response to Two Lads Doing It For The Craic Like

  1. acarson1 says:

    It annoys my balls when people vote for some useless party for the craic. Look at NI for instance.

    We have the same theme. Who copied who?

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