I Hate St Patricks Day

You can literally find nowhere for peace, either your neighbours are having a fucking house party or your estate is having a street party, I wish St Paddys day was more like NI21 and have no Party. You obviously cant go to a bar for a quiet pint, IT IS LITERALLY THE PURGE. And even if you do go to the bar for a pint, there is always that one cunt you sits beside you and starts talking shit about nothing I like to call them bar stool philosophers.


I live beside a giant fucking statue of St Patrick that sits on top of a hill, so ya know there is  gonna be loads of fucking tourists climbing up it.


I hate seeing Americans talk about Ireland like they know the place, terrible Irish accents. Though I will say its true, the Irish are bunch of drunk cunts.


Lastly , the Holyland students, putting the STD in students, so bad, Israel says “aye alright, you can keep it”.

So aye happy St Paddys day



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