Ulsters Craic Crisis


Readings show that Ulster is suffering an all time low in Craic in recent years, the reason is still anyones guess. But one possibility could be University students, Craic has become an endangered word, so endangered David Attenborough is talking about making a documentary on it.
We spoke with Steven Russel, chairman of  the Northern Irelands yacht club, craft beer manufacturer, lead singer of some indie band, but what hes most known for is being an anti Craic activist.
“Its a dying word you know, I will be glad to see the end of it, Banter is the way to go man, I once read on a Lad Bible article, people who still use craic are most likely support an Islamic caliphate”
Steven then went on to try and force us to buy tickets for a gig he was playing in, but we we were not interested. Steven then said he had to go, he didn’t want to be late for his beer craft drinking session, he jumped on his Penny Farthing and cycled away.
We had more questions to ask Steven, but couldnt get in contact due to bad signal on his DynaTAC 8000x.
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