No Hope

As I write this im looking out the window observing a fella stealing a bin on my street, I just leaned back and thought to myself while listening to my Billy Joel album “this is my life now” as Billy was giving it stacks through my earphones with “Only the good die young” ya know that tune is about him trying to fuck a taig, but thats for another blog.

Im just so fucking sick of this country and the arseholes that live in it, its the same shit everyday, flags, someone denying they have any paramilitary connections, someone saying they had paramilitary connections and they are proud of it, marching. Remember that shit song by Pharrell Williams “Happy” ? I fucking hate that song, I hate everything about it, I hate the lyrics, I hate the sound of it and I hated the fucking endless lip dub videos it caused, seriously fuck that song, now that song was played the fuck out on radio, waking up everyday turning on the radio to hear that piece of shit, made me want to wrap a union jack around my neck so they would hang me on a lamppost, thats what its like living in Northern Ireland hearing the same shit everyday, but for the rest of your life its fucking boring now, its so fucking played out, we get, fuck up and fucking get a life.

We have the highest rate of suicide in the UK, you would think the main thing to do is to tackle that kind of thing, nah not if you are a politician in Northern Ireland, if you are suicidal in Northern Ireland you are handed a bible, some pills and told to fuck off.

While Im ranting, fuck you and your fucking umbrella, it was pishing rain the other day in Belfast I was walking to college through the city centre and this fucking pelican with an umbrella almost poked my eye out with her umbrella, BUY A HAT, cunt.

Inspired by Áine Carson


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3 Responses to No Hope

  1. acarson1 says:

    I love this and I love that I inspired you to write it!

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  2. acarson1 says:

    Reblogged this on Áine Carson and commented:
    Mick and I read each other’s stuff and rant at each other on social media. He’s a very funny wise old man trapped in a small boy’s body. Give this a read and see if you feel the same.

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