Loose talk cost lives


Eclipse Cinema warns movie goers to choose their words carefully. Recently trolls have taken to social media to spoil major movie plot points for everyone, which is really bad for business. The cinema have stated they will administer kneecappings if anyone is caught posting massive spoilers on Facebook or Twitter.


I interviewed a victim of the cinemas harsh vigilante justice, he didnt want to be identified so we will call him Rose ” I thought I was being a legend, ya know spoiling movies online, it was fun, but thats all behind me now, it was a moment of madness”


Movie House condemns the actions of Eclipse and responds” This is not the way to move forward, keep the past  in the past and let it stay in the past, we need to move forward, its the only way to go”

image (1)

Odyssey Cinemas call Movie Houses response “an absolute joke” and state that the two are very much the same thing. Though we asked Odyssey Cinemas about the accusations about them over charging a popcorn and coke, they simple replied “no comment.”


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