Northern Ireland is melted as strange yellow object in the sky posts appear

I woke up this afternoon to find out it was actually sunny for a change and I thought to myself “huh, this is actually nice, I am going to enjoy this day” about an hour later as I find myself sitting in my room, on my computer with the fan on and curtains close, I checked Facebook to see what the world is up to.

I realise that I am not a sun guy, not just because I dont go out much and I dont like social interaction (I know, I sound like a right gimp) but as a scroll through Facebook I am starting to see a flood of statuses claiming there is  a strange yellow object in the sky and posting pictures of that “strange yellow object.” I thought to myself “fuck me, its clearly the sun, like I dont understand, do they not know what a sun looks like ? I mean are they trying to bait me ? If so, they are successful, I am hooked”

But then I thought, what if it isnt the fucking sun ? Like what if everyone is in on this big government conspiracy except me, I was fucking raging and scared, I became paranoid, I had to break my phone, I didnt want anyone listening in on my phone calls.

I contacted Edward Snowden, regarding this, but I am still waiting on a reply, Im just going to assume they got him.


I had to choose my next moves carefully, I felt alone, who could I trust ? I then  thought NASA, I contacted them, I decided to call them on their bullshit.


I never received a reply from them either, but funny enough I got a message from a certain US president just minutes after I sent NASA  an email, coincidence ?


All Im saying is they are up to something I dont know what, but it is something.

Please pass this on to Willie Frazer and Alex Jones, I need some solid advice as to what to do with this information, thanks and stay safe .

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