gettyimages-690447478I dont like the Tories ya know, never did, I know that’s not considered “cool” among  young people nowadays considering a lot of them have fucked off to the right. But im a working class lad from Ulster I couldn’t bring myself to be shagged up the arse with metal nail ridden pipe and say “cheers mate” afterwards, I just dont have that in me.

Considering I am from the North of Ireland I cant actually vote for the Conservatives or Labour as they dont really run here, aye  there’s an odd conservative candidate here and there but they never get much votes. Instead we have Sinn Fein and The DUP and then a couple of diet versions of those parties .

Earlier this year our leader Martin McGuinness died, whatever you think about the man, he did a lot for the peace process, it seemed like the entire country came together to mourn Martin. But then right wing politicians from England started to chime in, I always heard the Brits sit in their high horse and look down on us paddies laughing at how we fight amongst ourselves, but it took Martins death to show me that Brits are just as bad when it comes to whataboutery, for a long time I thought it was an Irish word, turns out they are just as bad as us, but with posher accents.

The British public also had a busy couple of days after Martins death, I saw people  who probably only found out we existed talked about Martin thinking they’re king dick. I said to myself this wont last long, after this we will not be talked about for another 10 years… I was wrong.

Apart from a couple of attempts smearing Jeremy Corbyn before the Election with him talking to Gerry Adams, even though its well documented that he was trying to bring Sinn Fein into the peace talks, but the way the public spoke about Sinn Fein it really made it seem like one day the Irish decided to start a fight with someone during a weekend bender. Nobody spoke of state collusion with loyalist paramilitaries and no spoke of the UVF or UDA.

Then after the election of course the DUP got in talks with the Tories to form a government and now all of a sudden everyone is a has fucking expert on Northern Irish politics.

Now im not used to our country being in the national spotlight, we are never talked about, my da always says ” the brits dont care till it happens in their back garden”  I feel like hes right, I was actually shocked by the amount of people who had no idea about our country, It fucking melted me.

But now everyone will see how shite it is living in the North and how the DUP a corrupt outdated party

I guess im a little over protective over our bigots, it used to be our thing to sleg them, our wee inside joke, now the world is slegging them with absolute shite patter, they fucking ruined it now, we  cant have anything fuck sake ,they maybe cunts, but they’re our cunts

Now im seeing all these these clickbait news websites listing  everything bad the DUP has done…

English Journalist- “DID YOU KNOW THE DUP DID…”



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