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In Northern Ireland If you have an argument with someone and they start their reply with “Aye, but sure what about…” you know it’s gonna end up with multiple broken limbs by 1pm, a paramilitary breaking it’s ceasefire by 3pm, … Continue reading

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Orange Order Lands Disney Deal In An Effort To Be More Kid Friendly

  With the twelfth over we are now in the age every culture needs to be represented in media  and no one should feel left out that is why the orange order has made a deal with Disney to promote … Continue reading

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100th anniversary of the Easter Rising

What a year its going to be , it is basically a Republicans wet dream. Everywhere you look, there is something about the Easter Rising. So let me get to the point of this post, so since its the 100th … Continue reading

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Guide to Halloween in Northern Ireland

Halloween is a time for letting your kids be somebody elses fucking problem for one night, you deserve it and hey, if they get abducted… even better. Lets face it, your kids are fucking annoying, some of you, don’t even bother … Continue reading

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