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The Thief

There was one time a masked fella broke into my house and tried to rob me blind while I was in the kitchen trying on my newly bought skiing mask, he broke the window in my living room, not expecting … Continue reading

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Orange Order Lands Disney Deal In An Effort To Be More Kid Friendly

  With the twelfth over we are now in the age every culture needs to be represented in media ¬†and no one should feel left out that is why the orange order has made a deal with Disney to promote … Continue reading

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Two Lads Doing It For The Craic Like

“Here mate remember that shower of shite back in 2007 that absolutely wrecked our country, what’s was their name again? Aye that’s right fianna fail ” “Aye what about them ?” ” i just voted for them, only for the … Continue reading

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